Craft Room Makeover Reveal

Oh hey there internet. Long time no blog, ski season got in the way of blogging but I can’t complain about that!

I know you all have been on pins and needles waiting by your computer to see our craft rooms completed. Well wait no longer! If you have not been following along see the “before” post here.

So let’s start with Nichole’s space and see how she did! She got to work right away and stuck with the 3 week deadline (unlike myself) and quickly made a lot of progress. Here are her after pictures.

Everything organized and in its place!

IMG_6743   IMG_6740

The main task for Nichole was getting all of her fabric organized. We both used the same method and bought comic book boards to wrap our fabric in mini bolts. We got 100 boards for $10.40 which is a great price especially if you have a lot of fabric. She organized her fabric by type, gender and holiday and kept her remnants together as well.

IMG_6739   IMG_6732

She used mason jars for scraps of ribbon and this organizer she previously owned to keep elastic and ric rac together.

IMG_6747   IMG_6736

More organizers for buttons, ribbon and odds and ends.


The best part of Nichole’s reorg was she was able to complete it by re-purposing things she already had and only had to buy the mason jars and the comic book boards. Great job Nichole! She now has a space that is more useable and inspiring.

Before-after Nichole

Ok now for my craft closet. I am really happy the way it turned out and I cannot wait to get started on some new projects! I was able to complete everything for about $50 and I have so much more space to see my supplies and add to my collection. (mmmmmwwwwahahahaha)

IMG_6726   IMG_6729

My favorite part is the hanging wall storage “we” put up. (Alex hung it up for me) I can see all of my glue and I used tall pint jars I bought from Amazon to keep smaller items organized such as pom-poms, ribbon scraps and extra hot glue sticks. The shelves are spice racks from IKEA which I bought for $3.99 each. I painted them a fun coral pink to add some color to my space. I also used this IKEA rail to hang my ribbon from. They were $2.99 each and I bought two and got a wooden dowel from the hardware store to keep my ribbon in easy reach.

 IMG_6724   IMG_6723

Another view of my shelves and my fabric that I wrapped into the mini bolts using the comic book boards. I love when things are in color order!

IMG_6728   IMG_6731

I can also see all of my yarn! The main point of this project for me was getting things out of bins and getting them out where I can see what I have. I bought these cubes on Wayfair for $21.99 and they are basically junk. You are supposed to put them together using peel and stick tape and then hang them on a wall. I put them together and put my yarn in them and set them on the shelf and came back an hour later and the cube was in 3 pieces. I took it all apart and used wood glue which is working fine now but I don’t know how you could ever hang this on a wall or put anything heavy in it. (review of terrible product rant over)


The final before and after!

Karin before-after

So I think both of our spaces turned out really well! It can be a tough area to organize because crafting involves so many small pieces. Now that spring is here I hope I can inspire you to organize your space craft or another area of your home. I promise it will make you feel so accomplished to get the clutter out and have a refreshed space!


One thought on “Craft Room Makeover Reveal

  1. Love it! I’m so glad you asked me to do this. It’s wonderful having my craft area cleaned up and actually working for me now!!

    And yours looks great! I love how we both were able to clean up our areas without spending a ton.

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