Confessions of a Craft Room

I have been spending a lot of time crafting lately and therefore I have been buying more supplies and quickly running out of room. I have a craft closet at my house that could use some organization, granted it is not too messy but it is also not that functional. I have some pictures of my crafting space and in the next few weeks I am going to post how to make it more functional and some ideas you can use as well. One of my best friends is also joining me in this organization journey. Let’s start with her space…

Nichole is brave as her space is a bit of a hot mess but she is a good sport and is willing to share. Nichole and I met back in college and we have been best friends ever since and she one of my few friends that also likes to craft and sew. She has some good bones to her space and some good shelving so it should be easy to turn her space around.

Nichole and I at my wedding

So here is her craft room before and some areas she needs some help with


IMG_5881 IMG_5880

Some ideas for fabric storage from girl Inspired, these are from Fabric Organizer and are a nice way to keep your fabric on display. Nichole also found these on Amazon and they are much cheaper but do not have the tabs to hold the fabric. You could also cut pieces of cardboard for a free alternative.

fabric storage2

Here is another idea, to file your fabric and a how-to here

wip fabric org DSC00329

Some more pictures of Nichole’s space


Nichole already has ribbon organizers but I know from experience they fill up quickly


Adding molding to an old book shelf is one idea or to use an old CD rack

shelving ribbon-organizer

Nichole also did not know what to do with her ribbon scraps


I liked this idea of color coordinating ribbon scraps in glass jars where you can easily see them. Here is a great jar I found on Amazon or you could always use mason jars.


She could also use some ideas for yarn storage which I need as well


Two ideas I like are magazine holders or a hanging shoe/sweater organizer

2773679811_d8c1d5e2a6  900384

Nichole also has this organizer for buttons


To make it a little more organized I have seen those magnetic boards that hold lots of tiny things. However, I looked them up on IKEA and they are $7.99 for 3 containers. I would personally need a lot of these so that does not seem very economical to me. Another idea she could use is to gets these smaller snap containers (24 for $4.99) to put inside her current container. Otherwise jars are always a good idea to store buttons.

2a7a84ff20ee611c0d5556e33153670e image_15250

These are mini canning jars


Next up is my space, I have many of the same challenges as Nichole and could use fabric and ribbon storage ideas. Most of my items are in bins which makes for a lot of digging and not knowing what I already have. I want to put some shelves up on the right hand side of my wire shelving to hold my smaller items, glues and paints. Here is my crafting closet current state, organized but not that usable.

IMG_5856-1 IMG_5869

Starting to run out of room so some items are left on top of my Christmas bins

IMG_5868-1 IMG_5867

This is my sewing work space which just needs some rearranging for now. I will quickly run out of space for my thread and need a better solution than a shoe box.

IMG_5863 IMG_5862

Lastly my work area, this is our office as well, though I call it “the craft room” someday I would love to have a whimsical craft space.

For Now:                                                                         Dream Space:

FullSizeRender main pic sewing craft room ideas_0639

So Nichole and I gave ourselves two weeks to complete our areas and we will report back with our progress. Feel free to share any of your hot mess spaces!


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