First Birthdays Party Ideas

A recent swing in life stages has me towards the end of my wedding stage of life and entering into the baby shower/1st birthday stage. An equally fun stage and most of the first birthdays I have attended still serve wine and some good food so I am happy to attend, plus lots of baby holding! (a favorite past time of mine)

I love throwing parties but what has been just as fun for me is only doing the decorations and attending and not having to do the food or clean up, a win-win! I am currently working on decorations for another birthday party which I will share later but here are some decoration ideas for your next birthday party you might find yourself hosting one day.

Ladybug Themed 1st Birthday

I did some of the decorations for Miss Finely’s first birthday last year and a ladybug theme was really fun to work with! I made the centerpieces, birthday hat, food signs, a banner and one for her high chair and cards for Finely to open each year on her birthday.

The birthday girl and myself along with a close-up of the hat I made her.

361 344

Finley’s high chair banner and the centerpieces. I bought wheatgrass from the grocery store and wrapped them in black burlap and added a ladybug cupcake topper. I got the free printables here and here.


I made these vintage cards for everyone to write a birthday wish for the future that she can open each year on her birthday until she is 21. She will have some interesting things to read in the future!


Not the best picture but here is the large fabric bunting banner I made. I used red, pink, black and white fabric for the ladybug theme. Also here is the mailbox I made to keep the cards in for the next 20 years 🙂

181 338Woodland Animals 1st Birthday

I was just at my cousin’s Caleb’s birthday this past weekend. My cousin is very talented in all things creative and crafty (it runs in our family) and she did the decorations herself and it all turned out so cute! The one thing I did help with was a chalkboard sign to commemorate Caleb’s first year and all of his favorite things!

The birthday boy and I next to the sign I made for him. See my chalkboard board tutorial here for how to create one of your own.

IMG_5412 IMG_5390

I designed the artwork on my brand new Cricut! I am so excited that I have this now! I used the software as it has so many great fonts and then screenshot sections of it into word and blew them up to 8×10 pages and taped them on the board. This chalkboard is 20×35. I used the same technique as before and rubbed the back of the paper with plain chalk and then traced over it with a pen. When you remove the paper you will see your stenciled image that I colored in with chalk board markers. I think it turned out great!


Here are a couple of more pictures from the party that my amazing cousin and Aunt created.


\DSC06590DSC06596DSC06589   DSC06586

Oh and my big news for next week…I am heading to the Craft House! I am so excited for a whole weekend dedicated to crafting! I can’t wait to tell you all about it!


2 thoughts on “First Birthdays Party Ideas

  1. Nice job Karin! We did a ladybug theme for my daughters first birthday too. I’ve been decorating cakes ever since. I highly recommend a tutorial on marshmallow fondant as that is all I use for birthday cakes anymore. I love the blog! Keep it up and tell Alex hello!


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