Arm Knitting – Chunky Infinity Scarves

Let me count on two fingers the people I know my age that knit. Yes, that is not a lot, it is definitely an art form that very few twenty-somethings are sitting home doing on a Friday night, or any night for that matter. Many of you would never try knitting because you think it is too hard or you do not have anyone to teach you. Here is my recommendation for any beginner, try arm knitting! I promise it is very easy and I too am a beginner knitter.

I do know how to knit but I am very slow and I have only ever accomplished one completed scarf. I do however, have three scarves that I started but never finished, so that counts for something right? For my team at work I wanted to make them all scarves for Christmas and I came across a tutorial on Pinterest that promised a 30 minute start to finish scarf. I needed to make 11 so I figured if I could really complete them in around 30 minutes that this was doable. So here is the tutorial below and a few pictures of my finished project.

Here is the original video that I learned from. Watching this video is the easiest way to explain it or you can stop by and I will show you over a glass of wine. I bought Lions Brand yarn, on the back of the package it shows a “bulkiness” rating and you want the chunkiest number 6. The only change I made was the instructions say to cast on 6 time and I found that was too skinny and 8 was a better width.

I was able to finish these in about 45 minutes start to finish, so I am a little slower but still a reasonable amount of time to finish a whole scarf! Here are some pictures of the finished scarves

IMG_4823 IMG_4711 IMG_4826

Here is some of my team wearing their scarves!


So if you need a quick last minute Christmas gift or a new scarf for yourself try this easy project!


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