DIY Christmas Decorations

Welcome to the official Christmas season! I hope you had a good Thanksgiving but now we are in full Christmas mode! We got our tree today and all of the decorations are up and the house looks great!

Many of the decorations I own I have made over the years, I pick one project a year to make, trying to make all of these in one year would make you feel like an elf in Santa’s workshop! I know that it is easy to feel like a hot mess around the holiday season so here are some easy and cheap holiday decorating ideas.

1. Epsom Salt

Epsom salt is a great thing to use while decorating since it looks like snow and it doesn’t melt! It is also safer to use with candles versus many synthetic snow. I used Epsom salt with cranberries as my luminaries on my steps outside. You can find Epsom salt at your local drug store or any grocery store that has a pharmacy section.


Here is another way I used it inside with a little bit of leftover greens


2. Use leftover tree trimmings

Here is my table centerpiece this year. The great part is these are the mercury glass candles I use year-round that I can add or subtract things for different seasons. If you get a real Christmas tree make sure to ask for a few extra cuttings. The candles and cone tree look nice by themselves but the trimmings really complete the look.


3. Transform old to new

Earlier this fall I went to an antique festival and picked up this old sugar mold. I added glass votives and candles to use to create a unique candle holder and put in it inside my fireplace. This is a mess-free way to create some warm light without building a fire.

FullSizeRender-1 FullSizeRender-2

It looks really nice in my fireplace!


This box was a centerpiece from my cousin’s wedding, I added some potpourri as well as glittered pinecones and candles for my coffee table centerpiece.


This is an old family sled that my family helped me decorate about 10 years ago. I have put this on my front porch in the past but have kept it inside in more recent years so it will last for many years. You can find old sleds at antique stores or online.


4. DIY garland and wreath

I made this garland on my mantle, you can customize your color scheme and it can be less expensive and look better than buying it pre-made. I bought a plain green garland and bought accents to wire into the garland. The wreath above my fireplace I bought from the Boy scouts and it is a live wreath and smells great!


The wreath on my front door I made during my first annual Girls Christmas Craft Night, I can’t want for the third annual event this weekend! Again making your own wreath can make it easier to customize color schemes and you can personalize it as well.


5. Have fun and make memories!

I know you have heard it before, but what is the point of all of this time and effort if you do not enjoy it with your friends and loved ones! Make sure to pick and choose the commitments and projects this season to enjoy time with friends and family and make the best memories!

My husband and brother decorating our tree


The finished product!

IMG_4787   IMG_4772

My friends last year after we decorated cookies


I have a few projects I am still working on for this Christmas, I am excited to show you the finished product of this Garnet Hill tree skirt I am making, only 50 more flowers to go! Happy decorating!





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