So You’re Saying You Are Not a Professional Calligrapher? – Chalkboard Art Tutorial

All this time I have seen these great chalkboard signs and thought, “I could never do that, my handwriting is not that good!” I decided to look into this and found out there is a trick! You can do this too and it is fairly easy! Here’s how…

Start with an empty frame, I got these both from Hobby Lobby, the one on the left is 11×7 and the one on the right is 8×10. If you want a more permanent piece of art or sign you can use hard board from the hardware store, I used cardboard since it is easier to cut. I bought chalkboard spray paint and you will need a chalkboard marker, they make these in several colors, I just bought white.

DSC06473 DSC06475

Next find a printable online or make your own through Word or Photoshop. I found this fun fall printable here.

Print off your image on white card stock and then flip it over and rub the entire back with regular white chalk. Next, tape it to your chalkboard and start to trace over the writing with an ink pen. This will push the chalk from the back of the card stock onto the chalkboard.

DSC06476DSC06477  IMG_4258

Once you have finished tracing all of the words it will look like the image below.


Next, start filling in the letters which your chalkboard marker which will then dry, you can see how I filled in “Fall” with the marker below.


Once it is dry you can wipe off all of the chalk dust and will have a finish product you can frame.


Here are two I used as a part of a display, one for my mantel and one for a baby shower at work. This is also a fun technique you can use to write out your menu at a dinner party or there are printable online for most holidays. Follow my chalkboard art board on Pinterest for more inspiration.

fall decor FullSizeRender

Enjoy! Don’t forget to follow me, if you are on your PC it will be in the very bottom right hand corner. If you are on your cellphone it show be at the very top in the black header.


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