I Heart Felt Flowers

I really love these little felt flowers, I can think of so many uses for them!


Headbands, accents on wreaths, hats or napkins, the list goes on! I found a few tutorials on Pinterest but I thought they were hard to follow along and most of them only showed you how to make one type of flower, well I am about to teach you how to make 5 different flowers that you can make several variations of. Aren’t you excited?!

For all of these flowers you will need:

Sheets of felt

Disappearing ink pen


Hot glue gun

Here are 5 flowers I will show you how to make:


Fluffy Flower:

Fluffy flower 1

Fluffy Flower 2

This first flower I call a “Fluffy Flower.” Make a tracing pattern for yourself, it does not have to be perfect as you are folding it up anyway. If you want your petals with more detail you can draw the flower with 6 petals versus 5. Cut out 6 flowers and follow the pictures above, fold in half and glue and then fold in a quarter and glue again. Once you have 6 petals folded in quarters glue them to a circle the size of a nickel. Glue 4 petals to the circle and then glue the last two on top.

This next flower is a “Mum.”

Mum Flower

Start with a 1 1/2 inch strip of felt about 8 inches long. Then fold the strip in half and glue together. On the folded over side begin cutting slits 3/4 of the way down, the closer together the slits are the better the flower with look. Then roll up the strip gluing as you go. To make the variation on the right cut diagonal slits, also you can start with a 1 inch strip and not fold it over for another version.



To make a rose start with a circle, I used a CD as a template. Then make scalloped cuts throughout the circle. I then cut one side of the scallops straight. If you do not it is ok but as you can see from the picture of the back side of the rose, if you cut off the scallops it will lay flat and is easier to attach to other things. Once you have your scalloped felt start to roll up the felt gluing as you go to create a rose. You can also not scallop the circle and cut straight lines if you want a rosebud look.



To make the lily flower draw a tear shaped petal template and trace 5 times as well as a circle the size of a nickel. Glue the 5 petals to the circle and then use a tiny scalloped piece to create a tiny rose as the center. (I often used scraps from the rose flower for this)



You will need the following pieces to make this flower, a 2 in circle 12 -1 1/2 inch squares and 8 – 1 inch squares. In the picture above I also showed 16 – 2 inch squares. I ended up only using two layers of petals otherwise the flower was too big to add as an embellishment. If you want a larger flower add the 2 inch squares as well. You might need more squares if you take away the 2 inch squares, in the flower I made above I used 14 -1/2 inch petals and 11-1 inch squares. Take the squares and fold them in half longways and round the corners to create the petal. Fold each side to the middle and glue and then glue onto the circle, repeat with the 1 inch squares. To finish the center of the flower I made a “Mum” flower but instead of folding over the strip I fringed it and then rolled it up and glued it in the middle.

So there you have it, 5 different flowers for you to use however you wish. These flowers take just a few minutes to make per flower and are a very forgiving craft. I used mine to make some headbands as well as a felt flowered covered pumpkin. I just love this pumpkin! Disclaimer, while this pumpkin was “easy” to make it was very time consuming. It took me about 20 hours and I had to make 60 flowers but it was a good lap project. I used a fake pumpkin and hot glued the flowers on it so I can enjoy it for years to come! Stay tuned for my next post on how to make this fun chalkboard sign! Happy fall ya’ll!

pumpkinfall decor


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