For the Hot Mess Housewife

Idols. We all have someone we look up to and would like to emulate. For those that know me, mine is Martha Stewart. I love everything about her, her empire, her gardens, her magazines and her brand. However, I know many people in my generation cannot relate to her, not everyone thinks having their own horses on their farm in the Hamptons and making horsehair tassels as a Christmas gift is reasonable or desirable. My dream in life is to be the modern-day Martha Stewart and someone who my 20-something (or 30 or 40), smart, career-driven, wine loving friends could some day look up to or at least learn from.

A few years ago my husband read a book called the Four Hour Work Week, and a main concept of the book is “dreamlining,” i.e. what do you ultimately want to experience in life and how can you work less or work doing something you love in order to experience these goals. While the overall concept of the book is a little extreme to me, selling your home and possessions and traveling and experiencing the world, the idea of working towards a job that I love was thought-provoking. My first thought of a realistic “dream job” was a Junior Craft Designer at Martha Stewart magazine, however, going back to school to get a degree in design and moving to New York was not. I have continued to brainstorm ideas to come up with a ways to work every day towards my passion and my latest revelation was to write a book. Yes a book! What a great idea! I will write a party planning/recipe/crafting book on all kinds of parties from holiday to BBQ’s to a weekend with house guests. I could set up these parties at my house and make handmade decorations and photograph the event and have all of friends come over to enjoy the staged party.

So there you go, my ultimate goal, to write a book and share my ideas for the modern working woman who my friends could relate to and hopefully share some laughs with a drink in hand. So what’s up with the name? For the Hot Mess Housewife? I know you are not all hot messes or housewives and I am not calling you a hot mess but sometimes I feel like a hot mess and sometimes you do too. While Martha is my idol sometimes she makes it too hard and I want you all to enjoy hosting and crafting and making memories with family and friends, all while receiving numerous compliments!!

You see Martha’s stereotypical followers probably look something like this…


but I would love to reach a new audience that looks more like this…


This is the woman who loves to have her friends over for wine night but still serve a fun new crostini and receive many compliments on her efforts. This is not Sex in the City meets Food Network, but this is a way to share ideas and inspire new ones. We live in a generation that spends hours on Pinterest but may never complete a project. We have big ideas and lots of inspiration but often feel overwhelmed by the picture-perfect examples. I am here to encourage you to try new things and spend time with your family and friends; that is what hosting is all about, bringing people together.

As a friend re-quoted advice from Jim Carrey, “you can fail at what you don’t want, so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love.” This is my chance to do what I love and I hope you will follow along with me on this journey.

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3 thoughts on “For the Hot Mess Housewife

  1. Congrats on the blog Karin! I’m excited to read future posts. I love crafting and eating and drinking:). Can’t wait to see what’s next


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