Craft Room Makeover Reveal

Oh hey there internet. Long time no blog, ski season got in the way of blogging but I can’t complain about that!

I know you all have been on pins and needles waiting by your computer to see our craft rooms completed. Well wait no longer! If you have not been following along see the “before” post here.

So let’s start with Nichole’s space and see how she did! She got to work right away and stuck with the 3 week deadline (unlike myself) and quickly made a lot of progress. Here are her after pictures.

Everything organized and in its place!

IMG_6743   IMG_6740

The main task for Nichole was getting all of her fabric organized. We both used the same method and bought comic book boards to wrap our fabric in mini bolts. We got 100 boards for $10.40 which is a great price especially if you have a lot of fabric. She organized her fabric by type, gender and holiday and kept her remnants together as well.

IMG_6739   IMG_6732

She used mason jars for scraps of ribbon and this organizer she previously owned to keep elastic and ric rac together.

IMG_6747   IMG_6736

More organizers for buttons, ribbon and odds and ends.


The best part of Nichole’s reorg was she was able to complete it by re-purposing things she already had and only had to buy the mason jars and the comic book boards. Great job Nichole! She now has a space that is more useable and inspiring.

Before-after Nichole

Ok now for my craft closet. I am really happy the way it turned out and I cannot wait to get started on some new projects! I was able to complete everything for about $50 and I have so much more space to see my supplies and add to my collection. (mmmmmwwwwahahahaha)

IMG_6726   IMG_6729

My favorite part is the hanging wall storage “we” put up. (Alex hung it up for me) I can see all of my glue and I used tall pint jars I bought from Amazon to keep smaller items organized such as pom-poms, ribbon scraps and extra hot glue sticks. The shelves are spice racks from IKEA which I bought for $3.99 each. I painted them a fun coral pink to add some color to my space. I also used this IKEA rail to hang my ribbon from. They were $2.99 each and I bought two and got a wooden dowel from the hardware store to keep my ribbon in easy reach.

 IMG_6724   IMG_6723

Another view of my shelves and my fabric that I wrapped into the mini bolts using the comic book boards. I love when things are in color order!

IMG_6728   IMG_6731

I can also see all of my yarn! The main point of this project for me was getting things out of bins and getting them out where I can see what I have. I bought these cubes on Wayfair for $21.99 and they are basically junk. You are supposed to put them together using peel and stick tape and then hang them on a wall. I put them together and put my yarn in them and set them on the shelf and came back an hour later and the cube was in 3 pieces. I took it all apart and used wood glue which is working fine now but I don’t know how you could ever hang this on a wall or put anything heavy in it. (review of terrible product rant over)


The final before and after!

Karin before-after

So I think both of our spaces turned out really well! It can be a tough area to organize because crafting involves so many small pieces. Now that spring is here I hope I can inspire you to organize your space craft or another area of your home. I promise it will make you feel so accomplished to get the clutter out and have a refreshed space!


Confessions of a Craft Room

I have been spending a lot of time crafting lately and therefore I have been buying more supplies and quickly running out of room. I have a craft closet at my house that could use some organization, granted it is not too messy but it is also not that functional. I have some pictures of my crafting space and in the next few weeks I am going to post how to make it more functional and some ideas you can use as well. One of my best friends is also joining me in this organization journey. Let’s start with her space…

Nichole is brave as her space is a bit of a hot mess but she is a good sport and is willing to share. Nichole and I met back in college and we have been best friends ever since and she one of my few friends that also likes to craft and sew. She has some good bones to her space and some good shelving so it should be easy to turn her space around.

Nichole and I at my wedding

So here is her craft room before and some areas she needs some help with


IMG_5881 IMG_5880

Some ideas for fabric storage from girl Inspired, these are from Fabric Organizer and are a nice way to keep your fabric on display. Nichole also found these on Amazon and they are much cheaper but do not have the tabs to hold the fabric. You could also cut pieces of cardboard for a free alternative.

fabric storage2

Here is another idea, to file your fabric and a how-to here

wip fabric org DSC00329

Some more pictures of Nichole’s space


Nichole already has ribbon organizers but I know from experience they fill up quickly


Adding molding to an old book shelf is one idea or to use an old CD rack

shelving ribbon-organizer

Nichole also did not know what to do with her ribbon scraps


I liked this idea of color coordinating ribbon scraps in glass jars where you can easily see them. Here is a great jar I found on Amazon or you could always use mason jars.


She could also use some ideas for yarn storage which I need as well


Two ideas I like are magazine holders or a hanging shoe/sweater organizer

2773679811_d8c1d5e2a6  900384

Nichole also has this organizer for buttons


To make it a little more organized I have seen those magnetic boards that hold lots of tiny things. However, I looked them up on IKEA and they are $7.99 for 3 containers. I would personally need a lot of these so that does not seem very economical to me. Another idea she could use is to gets these smaller snap containers (24 for $4.99) to put inside her current container. Otherwise jars are always a good idea to store buttons.

2a7a84ff20ee611c0d5556e33153670e image_15250

These are mini canning jars


Next up is my space, I have many of the same challenges as Nichole and could use fabric and ribbon storage ideas. Most of my items are in bins which makes for a lot of digging and not knowing what I already have. I want to put some shelves up on the right hand side of my wire shelving to hold my smaller items, glues and paints. Here is my crafting closet current state, organized but not that usable.

IMG_5856-1 IMG_5869

Starting to run out of room so some items are left on top of my Christmas bins

IMG_5868-1 IMG_5867

This is my sewing work space which just needs some rearranging for now. I will quickly run out of space for my thread and need a better solution than a shoe box.

IMG_5863 IMG_5862

Lastly my work area, this is our office as well, though I call it “the craft room” someday I would love to have a whimsical craft space.

For Now:                                                                         Dream Space:

FullSizeRender main pic sewing craft room ideas_0639

So Nichole and I gave ourselves two weeks to complete our areas and we will report back with our progress. Feel free to share any of your hot mess spaces!

Craft House Weekend

I had the most amazing opportunity to attend Craft House Weekend #whatevercraftweekend in Kansas last weekend and had the best time! Our name came up on the waitlist (some people there had been waiting since 2011) and I had two colleagues from work join me for a weekend of crafting, eating and antique shopping, what more could you want! There were 12 women that stayed at the house from all around the country (and Canada) and it was so fun to meet some incredible women and make new friends. Here are some pictures of my weekend and some information if you are interested in going. (warning picture heavy:))

The House

The house is amazing! It is Meg’s old house that her family used to live in. They moved and now rent out this beautiful house for groups and every few weekends they host Craft House. It is an all inclusive weekend and Meg and her friend Kimberly, our wonderful hosts, make you feel right at home! Kimberly took care of all the cooking and Meg assisting us in crafting well into night. Here are some pictures of the house, I would be happy to come back anytime!

Here is a picture of the house right after we got there and the next morning. I loved when we pulled up all the lights were on and the curtains were open inviting us in.

IMG_5516   DSC06734

The cute grey and yellow room was ours and some of the other rooms in the houseIMG_5519   IMG_5668

IMG_5569   IMG_5524

Everywhere you turned there was something else to look at

DSC06743   IMG_5579

IMG_5560   IMG_5529

Snacks for late night crafting. Look at all of that amazing supplies! A crafters dream!

IMG_5553   IMG_5537

Some more pictures of the house, the kitchen and the most beautiful staircase.

IMG_5580   IMG_5568

The pièce de résistance, the work room!

IMG_5541   IMG_5547

IMG_5536   IMG_5544

IMG_5557   IMG_5554

The Crafts

We made five fun projects over the weekend. Craft House signature ruffle aprons, wire word signs, pom-pom garland, leather belt bracelets and felt triangle pillows. We worked on the aprons on Friday night and then Saturday evening Meg showed us the rest of the projects and we worked on them throughout the evening. It was so nice to sit in this fun house in the beautiful and well-lit work room chatting with new friends.

The fabric we got to choose from for our aprons. We also got some fun swag to take home!

IMG_5538    IMG_5565

Working on our aprons

IMG_5572   DSC06722

The fabrics I picked out for my apron and the finished product

IMG_5573   IMG_5629

IMG_5606   IMG_5617

Meg showing us the next projects and the felt for our pillow covers

IMG_5622   IMG_5626

Here is my finished pillow, it looks good on my blue-grey chairs!

IMG_5631   IMG_5677

Here are all of my completed projects as well as my fun finds from the antique barn and my pom-poms

IMG_5652   IMG_5637

The Food and the Antique Barn

On Saturday we headed out for some antiquing and found some amazing finds.

IMG_5583   IMG_5665

We had a good time at the barn and took a fun photo in front of this colorful door

IMG_5590   IMG_5586IMG_5588   IMG_5595

Did I mention how awesome the food was? I didn’t take a picture of everything but Kimberly made sure we did not go hungry! Everything was homemade from the cinnamon rolls, cheesecake, chicken enchiladas, egg casserole, coffee cake and individual pot pies. I have never craved a pot pie before but I am craving Kimberly’s now that I have had one!

IMG_5643   DSC06729     IMG_5663   IMG_5581

So all in all it truly was a dream-come-true weekend! I had very high expectations and they were exceeded! My favorite thing about crafting is spending time relaxing and being creative and I got to do just that! If you are interested in attending visit Meg’s blog for information on the weekend and the waitlist.

I hope you all can find ways to make time for yourself and doing what you love!

IMG_5660   IMG_5661

First Birthdays Party Ideas

A recent swing in life stages has me towards the end of my wedding stage of life and entering into the baby shower/1st birthday stage. An equally fun stage and most of the first birthdays I have attended still serve wine and some good food so I am happy to attend, plus lots of baby holding! (a favorite past time of mine)

I love throwing parties but what has been just as fun for me is only doing the decorations and attending and not having to do the food or clean up, a win-win! I am currently working on decorations for another birthday party which I will share later but here are some decoration ideas for your next birthday party you might find yourself hosting one day.

Ladybug Themed 1st Birthday

I did some of the decorations for Miss Finely’s first birthday last year and a ladybug theme was really fun to work with! I made the centerpieces, birthday hat, food signs, a banner and one for her high chair and cards for Finely to open each year on her birthday.

The birthday girl and myself along with a close-up of the hat I made her.

361 344

Finley’s high chair banner and the centerpieces. I bought wheatgrass from the grocery store and wrapped them in black burlap and added a ladybug cupcake topper. I got the free printables here and here.


I made these vintage cards for everyone to write a birthday wish for the future that she can open each year on her birthday until she is 21. She will have some interesting things to read in the future!


Not the best picture but here is the large fabric bunting banner I made. I used red, pink, black and white fabric for the ladybug theme. Also here is the mailbox I made to keep the cards in for the next 20 years 🙂

181 338Woodland Animals 1st Birthday

I was just at my cousin’s Caleb’s birthday this past weekend. My cousin is very talented in all things creative and crafty (it runs in our family) and she did the decorations herself and it all turned out so cute! The one thing I did help with was a chalkboard sign to commemorate Caleb’s first year and all of his favorite things!

The birthday boy and I next to the sign I made for him. See my chalkboard board tutorial here for how to create one of your own.

IMG_5412 IMG_5390

I designed the artwork on my brand new Cricut! I am so excited that I have this now! I used the software as it has so many great fonts and then screenshot sections of it into word and blew them up to 8×10 pages and taped them on the board. This chalkboard is 20×35. I used the same technique as before and rubbed the back of the paper with plain chalk and then traced over it with a pen. When you remove the paper you will see your stenciled image that I colored in with chalk board markers. I think it turned out great!


Here are a couple of more pictures from the party that my amazing cousin and Aunt created.


\DSC06590DSC06596DSC06589   DSC06586

Oh and my big news for next week…I am heading to the Craft House! I am so excited for a whole weekend dedicated to crafting! I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

Photo Organization- New Year’s Resolutions

As 2014 is winding down some of you might be starting to think of things you would like to improve on for the coming year. Weight loss, time management and organization usually top the list. One thing I have gotten ahead of in the last few years is photo organization. As we all live in a digital world we can snap a photo at a moments notice and therefore have a lot more photos to organize and many more we are not printing. Here is what I have found very helpful to keep my photos up-to-date and on display without spending a month’s time pouring over boxes of photos.

1. Don’t print your photos.

This might sound a little backwards but I know many people who have continued to print photos when they have no idea what or when they are going to do something with them. Every 6 months go through your picture frames in your house that need updating. If you need to update 6 frames then print 6 photos, this will save you time and money. Printing photos is also more of a commitment in terms of labeling and storage. If you prefer to print photos you need to be diligent from the beginning in organizing as it can get out of hand quickly!

2. Digital photo books

My personal secret to getting use out of my photos is printing one photo book a year and putting all of events on a few pages each. This summarizes our year nicely in one neat book and I am able to add notes and details about the event next to the pictures. I print the books in a 12×12 size which are great to leave on my coffee table so they can be looked throughout the year. I use Shutterfly as my editor of choice, it is very user-friendly and economical to print. A bound book of around 40 pages is usually a $100 a book. They also run specials often so I will complete a book and then wait to print it until they run a special, they are offering 40% off right now! I used to scrapbook by printing my photos and using paper and stickers, using a digital process is a lot faster, cheaper and easier. I am already done with my book for 2014 and I was able to complete it in a couple of afternoons on the couch with a good movie and my laptop. (sorry to my brother who is still waiting on me to finish his High School scrapbook I started 10 years ago…I will finish it someday!)

Screen Shot 2014-12-28 at 4.14.46 PM

Screen Shot 2014-12-28 at 4.31.03 PM


3. Take your photos off of your camera and phone often

Making this a habit will make you life easier. Make sure to label them in folders right away with the event title and date. If you want to print photos later or put them into a digital photo book this will make the task easier.

4. Edit, back up and delete

When you download your photos to your computer make sure to go through and edit and delete any you do not want. As we all get a little shutter happy from time to time we do not need 50 pictures of blurry 4th of July fireworks. Make sure to back up your photos either through cloud storage or an external hard drive. Printing photos is also a good way to make sure you don’t lose them but this takes more dedication in organization and labeling.

I love taking pictures and capturing memories of all of our travels, friends and family. Making use out of these photos is a great way to relive the moments over the years.

“What i like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.”
― Karl Lagerfeld

Arm Knitting – Chunky Infinity Scarves

Let me count on two fingers the people I know my age that knit. Yes, that is not a lot, it is definitely an art form that very few twenty-somethings are sitting home doing on a Friday night, or any night for that matter. Many of you would never try knitting because you think it is too hard or you do not have anyone to teach you. Here is my recommendation for any beginner, try arm knitting! I promise it is very easy and I too am a beginner knitter.

I do know how to knit but I am very slow and I have only ever accomplished one completed scarf. I do however, have three scarves that I started but never finished, so that counts for something right? For my team at work I wanted to make them all scarves for Christmas and I came across a tutorial on Pinterest that promised a 30 minute start to finish scarf. I needed to make 11 so I figured if I could really complete them in around 30 minutes that this was doable. So here is the tutorial below and a few pictures of my finished project.

Here is the original video that I learned from. Watching this video is the easiest way to explain it or you can stop by and I will show you over a glass of wine. I bought Lions Brand yarn, on the back of the package it shows a “bulkiness” rating and you want the chunkiest number 6. The only change I made was the instructions say to cast on 6 time and I found that was too skinny and 8 was a better width.

I was able to finish these in about 45 minutes start to finish, so I am a little slower but still a reasonable amount of time to finish a whole scarf! Here are some pictures of the finished scarves

IMG_4823 IMG_4711 IMG_4826

Here is some of my team wearing their scarves!


So if you need a quick last minute Christmas gift or a new scarf for yourself try this easy project!

Annual Girls Christmas Craft Night

Intimidated by crafting? You can do it! I started this tradition a few years ago to help some of my friends that are less than crafty learn that they too can be creative, the wine helps too…

The first year we made wreaths, last year we did cookie decorating and this year we made coffee filter Christmas trees. I had lots of other crafting supplies for different looks, jute twine, tinsel, beaded garland, moss, feathers, sheet music, etc.

So here are a few pictures from the evening, my house ready for the girls to arrive! The Epsom salt luminaries on my front stairs from my last post.

DSC06546 IMG_4805

The craft classroom is ready with lots of supplies!

IMG_4798 IMG_4800 IMG_4799

The girls getting their craft on

DSC06570 DSC06571  IMG_4808 DSC06568

The final products!



To make these we used card stock and rolled it into a cone and then added different materials to the cone to create these whimsical trees.

Of course I had appetizers to snack on while we were crafting, here is my menu from this year with links to the recipes.


Mini Spinach and Cheese Pizzas – I also made some other varieties, mushroom and sausage and red pepper and spinach with dill Havarti

Caramelized Onion, Mushroom & Gruyere Tartlets

White Rosemary and Cranberry Sangria


I got the cute tent cards here, free printable!

Goat Cheese and Pesto Dip – This is a recipe of a good friend’s Mom – just take goat cheese and spread in the bottom of a pie plate and top with pesto and halved grape tomatoes. Baked at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes until the dip is bubbly and the tomatoes are slightly wilted. Top with a little balsamic vinegar. Here is a picture before I baked it, so pretty!


White Chocolate-Peppermint Mousse


Here are a few more pictures of the food set up. I also made a chalkboard sign, see my tutorial here

DSC06559  DSC06562DSC06560  DSC06550

This event is really fun for me, I love sharing my passion for all things handmade and also getting all of my girlfriends together for a night of fun and catching up.

Can’t wait for next years craft night! I have a year to think up a new craft to share!

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DIY Christmas Decorations

Welcome to the official Christmas season! I hope you had a good Thanksgiving but now we are in full Christmas mode! We got our tree today and all of the decorations are up and the house looks great!

Many of the decorations I own I have made over the years, I pick one project a year to make, trying to make all of these in one year would make you feel like an elf in Santa’s workshop! I know that it is easy to feel like a hot mess around the holiday season so here are some easy and cheap holiday decorating ideas.

1. Epsom Salt

Epsom salt is a great thing to use while decorating since it looks like snow and it doesn’t melt! It is also safer to use with candles versus many synthetic snow. I used Epsom salt with cranberries as my luminaries on my steps outside. You can find Epsom salt at your local drug store or any grocery store that has a pharmacy section.


Here is another way I used it inside with a little bit of leftover greens


2. Use leftover tree trimmings

Here is my table centerpiece this year. The great part is these are the mercury glass candles I use year-round that I can add or subtract things for different seasons. If you get a real Christmas tree make sure to ask for a few extra cuttings. The candles and cone tree look nice by themselves but the trimmings really complete the look.


3. Transform old to new

Earlier this fall I went to an antique festival and picked up this old sugar mold. I added glass votives and candles to use to create a unique candle holder and put in it inside my fireplace. This is a mess-free way to create some warm light without building a fire.

FullSizeRender-1 FullSizeRender-2

It looks really nice in my fireplace!


This box was a centerpiece from my cousin’s wedding, I added some potpourri as well as glittered pinecones and candles for my coffee table centerpiece.


This is an old family sled that my family helped me decorate about 10 years ago. I have put this on my front porch in the past but have kept it inside in more recent years so it will last for many years. You can find old sleds at antique stores or online.


4. DIY garland and wreath

I made this garland on my mantle, you can customize your color scheme and it can be less expensive and look better than buying it pre-made. I bought a plain green garland and bought accents to wire into the garland. The wreath above my fireplace I bought from the Boy scouts and it is a live wreath and smells great!


The wreath on my front door I made during my first annual Girls Christmas Craft Night, I can’t want for the third annual event this weekend! Again making your own wreath can make it easier to customize color schemes and you can personalize it as well.


5. Have fun and make memories!

I know you have heard it before, but what is the point of all of this time and effort if you do not enjoy it with your friends and loved ones! Make sure to pick and choose the commitments and projects this season to enjoy time with friends and family and make the best memories!

My husband and brother decorating our tree


The finished product!

IMG_4787   IMG_4772

My friends last year after we decorated cookies


I have a few projects I am still working on for this Christmas, I am excited to show you the finished product of this Garnet Hill tree skirt I am making, only 50 more flowers to go! Happy decorating!